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Floor Prep

With most concrete, some prep work may need to be done to prepare for finish flooring. We offer shotblasting prep, planetary grinder prep, acid etching prep, autoscrub cleaning and more to get your floor ready.

Types of Floor Prep Solutions:


Shotblasting is a one-step method for stripping, cleaning and profiling surfaces in preparation for coatings and overlays. Not only do shotblasting systems produce a roughened texture that improves adhesion of decorative toppings, they also leave surfaces dry and immediately ready for recoating or resurfacing.

Planetary Grinder Prep 

Grinders use horizontally rotating discs to perform a multitude of tasks, from light texturing to open the pores of the surface to removal of paints and thin coatings. The attachment we use with our grinders allow us a handful of applications of use. They can cut concrete deep with scarifier tooling to lower high spots or can hone and polish concrete with diamond and resin tooling. They generally leave behind a smoother profile than shotblasting. 

Acid Etching

Where grinding or shotblasting can't be used. We can use acid etching to prep a floor for coatings. Acid etching involves allowing the reaction of a dilute hydrochloric acid solution with the concrete surface, then rinsing off with water. The acid chemically reacts with surface laitance1, dissolving it and allowing it and other water-soluble contaminants to be washed away. Acid etching opens up the pours of concrete to accept and bond to coatings. 

Auto Floor Scrub Cleaning

Before sealers and other finish flooring is installed on concrete, it will need to be cleaned. We can use our walk behind and ride on automatic floor scrubbing cleaner machines to rinse, brush and clean the floor fast and effectively. 

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