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Welcome to Arizona Specialty Flooring!

A commercial flooring company that installs specialty types of floor.

The multi-step operation of mechanically grinding, honing,and polishing a concrete floor surface with bonded abrasives to cut a concrete floor surface and to refine each cut to the maximum potential to achieve a specified level of finished gloss as defined by the CPAA. This yields the most durable finish and requires the least maintenance.

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Epoxy floor coatings are a great solution for commercial, industrial and healthcare settings. Epoxy coatings will provide a smooth, durable and high-performance floor that can last many years. We can install many different types of epoxy system to ensure our customer gets the perfect system that works for there setting. 

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Our floor leveling solutions are a perfect way to correct issues in unlevel flooring, bad finished concrete, uneven concrete and more. Our self levers can be used as underlayments to go under finished flooring or overlayments to be used as a finished floor with a nicer natural concrete finish. 


In the instances where vapor drive is present in a concrete slab or the RH levels of the concrete are higher then finished flooring allows, moisture mitigation solutions would be needed. 


With most concrete, some prep work may need to be done to prepare for finish flooring. We offer shotblasting prep, planetary grinder prep, acid etching prep, autoscrub cleaning and more to get your floor ready. 

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